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NSGK is the Dutch foundation for disabled children.



The NSGK's aim is to "promote and financially support initiatives that aim at the participation and/or integration in society of individuals with a disability until the age of 30-years-old in the Netherlands" (Art. 2a, by-laws).

Working area

NSGK operates primarily in the Netherlands (16 million people). However, occasionally also projects abroad can be supported when in the direct interest of Dutch children and youngsters with a disability.


NSGK was founded in 1950. Its main activity was the management of several homes for physically disabled children in the Netherlands. Since in the 80's governmental support for the homes was realised, support from NSGK became less important. At the same time the number of requests for support increased. In 1998 the management of the homes was placed under a different legal person and has been totally separated.

Since 1999 NSGK's scope has been widened and nowadays includes children with a physical, intellectual or multiple disability and/or chronic disease. Nowadays 23 people work with NSGK. The foundation is both grant-making and grant-seeking.
Main issues of interest of NSGK are 'residing', 'work' and 'leisure'. The aim is to help children to develop an independent way of living later. Besides, influencing the 'image forming' of disabled persons is an important issue. The forming of false images has turned out to be one of the most important hindrances for participation and integration.

Nowadays NSGK supports on those four fields a variety of organisations, such as foundations and associations. NSGK receives more than 500 requests each year; approx half of these are granted a total amount of € 4 million.


NSGK is a 100% private financed organisation and receives no governmental subsidies. Main sources of income are: private donors, legacies, collections and the revenues from the working capital. Besides NSGK receives contributions from lotteries and national enterprises. The most important pillar under NSGK's revenues is the active support of the approx. 40,000 donors.

NSGK is one of the foundations in the Netherlands that received CBF's control mark for proper fund-raising. CBF is the Central Bureau of Fund-raising in the Netherlands, that has a watchdog function for the entire sector. To obtain this control mark a foundation has to meet high quality regulations for fund-raising, expenditures, bookkeeping etc.
Memberships and co-operations:
NSGK is active member of the Vereniging Fondswervende Instellingen (VFI) a foundation that represents the most important charities in the Netherlands, sets general rules and serves the general interest of the members affiliated to the foundation.

Furthermore, NSGK is working closely together with other foundations in the Netherlands in different co-operations and coalitions in several fields, such as applications concerning playgrounds, youth participation, internet, and so on.
For more information, please contact:

CBF Centraal Bureau Fondsenwerving ANBI Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling VriendenLoterij

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