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Move for those who can't!
"MOVEnABLE" is a project run in collaboration with NSGK to support physically disabled children and young people to enable them having an independent way of living.
I am a certified Essentrics instructor and enthusiastic for helping to share this healthy workout with the world. Before becoming passionate about Essentrics, I did not know how important is to move and how energic, youthful and healthy you can get by just naturally moving. After realizing this fact, I become more concerned about people with physical disabilities and motivated to take this initiative to raise fund for NSGK's projects.
ESSENTRICS is a dynamic, full-body workout that simultaneously combines stretching and strengthening, while engaging all 650 muscles.
Essentrics draws on the flowing movements of tai chi which create health and balance, the strengthening theories behind ballet which create long, lean, flexible muscles and the healing principles of physiotherapy which create a pain free body.

Join me to experience scientifically proven techniques of Essentrics in the Vondelpark and move for those who can't.

When: Mainly on the weekends and occasionally in the evenings on the weekdays during the summer period

Where: Vondelpark (the meeting point: De Vondeltuin entrance)

Cost: EUR 7 per session (free trial lesson), *all proceeds will be donated to NSGK.

To see the next session, please refer to the following link:

If you can't manage to be a part of MOVEnABLE project physically, your contributions through my action page on NSGK's website is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

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